Charter Lakes Marine Insurance for Charter and Guide Fishing

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Charter Lakes Marine Insurance for Charter and Guide Fishing

Just read an article of an illegal charter operation that was fined by the US Coast Guard over $14,000.  Probably not enough. They were not following inspection requirements and putting paying guests at risk.
As a Charter Captain or Fishing Guide, you rely on clients, your boat and your equipment.  Missing any one of the 3 easily affects your livelihood.

We see videos on YouTube or America’s Funniest Video’s… All time Epic Fails and Follies when fishing. Might be someone pulling the rod up and smacking themselves in the face, slipping down the bank into the water, leaning over a bank or boat side and falling in... stepping on-board when a wave rolls by the dock and miss the step.  Edward A Murphy, Jr, coined a phrase known as “Murphy’s law” Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.”  He used this for engineering and creating measures that would account for some of the oddities that might happen.  This is also why we have insurance to protect others and ourselves for the oddities that may unexpectedly happen.  There are also those instances that are not as funny.  Rouge waves, sharp hooks, knives, edges, teeth and fins that our clients get too close to while excitedly reeling in a great catch or trying to get a picture, or god forbid, you may recall nearly 10 years ago when the Marlin jumped toward the boat and stabbed the young man in the mouth. 

Or, we face that event where the boat is damaged or inoperable.  Maybe, you hit a log, need a tow back to the docks, or something worse.  Where would you be without your boat or equipment?

Getting the right insurance, is as valuable as your boat is to your business.

At Charter Lakes, we are marine insurance specialists and we know boats and fishing.

Our Guided Sportfishing Insurance Policy for Charter Boats combine our experience in boat insurance and knowledge of working with each of you in the fishing industry to ensure you get the coverages you need to operate a safe and prosperous business.  If we could only guarantee smooth waters and maximum catch limits!

What are some of the coverages available?

Agreed Value policies, in the case of a total loss you get the amount paid, equal to the amount of your policy, less deductible.  You won’t be shocked with the depreciation.

Disappearing Deductible; for every year you are claim free your physical damage deductible will be reduced.  Year 5 deductible is $0

Pollution Liability, fines for gas and oil spillage can be from a few hundreds to over $1million

Shoreside Liability, Wading Liability for some of those trips

For the occasional tournaments you may fish we provide Professional Angler Liability or tournament fee reimbursement, if you can’t fish that tournament due to a covered loss.

Emergency towing, Electronics, Fishing Gear, Equipment stored on shore and personal use

Charter Lakes also has Claims Specialist available 24/7 should you have a claim to report.

We wish you all a safe trip with a bountiful catch.

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