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  • Anglers Choice Insurance

    As an avid angler you are serious about catching fish. Much of your success depends on your boat and equipment, so you don’t skimp on either. The same should be true of your insurance.  The Anglers Choice Insurance Program was developed for Anglers by Anglers to provide broad insurance protection at an extremely competitive rate - whether you fish just for fun or on the tournament trail.  Charter Lakes has been insuring Recreational Fisherman and Tournament Anglers for 30 years. That experience has resulted in an insurance policy designed specifically for owners of inshore and offshore fishing vessels.

  • Boat Insurance

    Charter Lakes specializes in boat insurance.  And while you might think all small boat insurance policies are the same, you would be wrong. Every boat insurance policy is written differently and can vary greatly in the amount of coverage provided. Charter Lakes represents the strongest marine insurance underwriters in the country. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each our underwriter’s policies as well as the policies of our competitors. Our Account Executives will help you find the broadest insurance protection at the most affordable price.

  • Charter Boat Insurance

    If you are the owner of a Charter Boat you have come to the right place for your Charter Boat Insurance needs. Charter Lakes has been providing Charter Boat Insurance (uninspected passenger vessels) for 34 years. Our mission is to provide our clients with the broadest coverage available at the most competitive price. We have taken that one step further with the introduction of our new Charter Boat Policy. In our humble opinion, this is the broadest Charter Policy available in the country. Regardless of your budget, we have the flexibility to tailor a policy for you that meets your coverage needs.

  • Commercial Watercraft Owners Policy

    Owning a business that owns or leases Commercial Watercraft exposes you to significant risks and liabilities. Understanding these risks and liabilities is what we focus our attention on at Charter Lakes. This enables us to provide the insurance protection our clients need at a price they can afford.  We have developed a new, highly competitive commercial Hull and P&I Program for owners and operators of commercial watercraft.

  • Guided Sport Fishing Insurance

    If you are a Professional Fishing Guide you have come to the right place for your insurance needs. Charter Lakes has been insuring Fishing Guides for over 30 years. That experience enables us to purchase the broadest insurance protection available at the most competitive price. It has enabled us to develop a Guided Sport Fishing Policy that protects every aspect of your business.

  • Passenger Vessel Insurance

    As a passenger vessel owner you are serious about the condition of your boat and the experience of your crew. Both are critical to your success so you don’t skimp on either. The same should be true of your insurance. You need a commercial insurance policy that provides broad physical damage coverage and protection from potential liabilities to passengers, crew and other third parties. The Passenger Vessel Policy offered by Charter Lakes provides broad insurance protection at substantial premium savings.

  • Yacht Insurance

    Yachts are valuable assets worthy of the best insurance protection. And while yachts differ by construction, size and value they also differ in the way they are used and how they are navigated. Understanding the risks inherent with yacht ownership is critically important to being able to properly insure the yacht. That is why working with a Yacht Insurance Specialist is so important to procure the broadest protection available at the most affordable price. That is the definition of true value and that is what we are passionate about here at Charter Lakes.  Our account executives will help you design a policy that precisely fits your needs.  We have 24/7 claims service, so you will have support available when you need it in the unfortunate event that you have a mishap on the water.