If you are a Professional Fishing Guide you have come to the right place for your insurance needs. Charter Lakes has been insuring Fishing Guides for over 30 years. That experience enables us to purchase the broadest insurance protection available at the most competitive price. It has enabled us to develop a Guided Sport Fishing Policy that protects every aspect of your business.

Guided Sport Fishing Insurance Policy Features:

  • Agreed Value coverage for your Boat, Motor, Boat Equipment and Trailer
  • Disappearing Hull Deductible
  • Consequential Damage Clause
  • Protection and Indemnity – the broadest form of marine liability insurance
  • Pollution Liability -  included
  • Professional Angler Liability Coverage
  • Dockside Liability Coverage
  • Replacement Vessel Liability Coverage
  • Tournament Fee Reimbursement
  • Fishing tackle and personal property coverage
  • Broad navigation and boat trailering conditions

Optional Coverage Available

  • Shoreside Liability
  • Wade Fishing Liability
  • Additional Interests
  • Charter Legal Liability
  • Replacement (non owned) Vessel Hull and Liability Extension

* Please consult one of our agents for complete explanation of coverage.

As a professional Fishing Guide you are serious about catching fish. Your boat is your office and your tackle your tools so you don’t skimp on either. The same should be true of your Guide Insurance. You need serious insurance to protect your property, to protect you from potential liabilities and to protect your customers. The Charter Lakes team can guide you to the broadest insurance protection at the most affordable price.


  • MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN — Our program does not exclude mechanical breakdown. Having insurance coverage for an engine failure could be critical to your success. Many policies SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDE any claim resulting from mechanical breakdown - no engine coverage. Overheating, electrical failure and fuel problems may be excluded.
  • PROTECTION & INDEMNITY LIABILITY - Our policy provides P&I which is the broadest form of marine liability insurance. Our policy is written on an occurrence basis with no aggregate limit.  Many policies offer maximum liability limits of $300.000. This is simply not enough coverage in today’s world. Many resorts and government agencies require guides to carry $1,000,000 limits or higher.
  • DOCKSIDE LIABILITY — This is Included in our policy and provides liability while your passengers are on a dock, float or pier. Most polices DO NOT OFFER THIS and exclude liability coverage for passenger injuries before they get on your boat or once they step off your boat.
  • PROFESSIONAL ANGLER LIABILITY This is an optional coverage for liabilities you may become liable for through your activities as a Professional Angler whether directly or indirectly associated with the insured vessel. Conducting fishing seminars, exhibiting at sport shows, distributor shows or dealer open house appear ances are just some examples. Most polices DO NOT OFFER THIS.
  • FISHING EQUIPMENT — We extend coverage for your fishing equipment when it is in your boat, while stored ashore, or locked in your vehicle. Other Fishing Guide programs offer coverage while the equipment is ABOARD THE BOAT ONLY. Note - Home owners polices may not cover your fishing equipment as it is considered commercial property.
  • NOT JUST FISHING — Our program allows other activities such as scenic tours, eco tours, shelling, bird watching, diving, snorkeling, swimming, etc, not just fishing (diving, snorkeling or swimming requires additional endorsement and premium)
  • SHORESIDE LIABILITY — This is an optional coverage available and provides liability when you guide passengers on a beach for shelling, nature tours, or even wade fishing. Most polices DO NOT OFFER THIS.
  • CHARTER LEGAL LIABILITY — This is an optional coverage available which provides a liability umbrella over another guide’s policy who you may be booking charters for. Most polices DO NOT OFFER THIS.