Hurricane Lane Threatening Hawaii

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Hurricane Lane -Threatens the Hawaiian Islands.  

This is the first hurricane threatening the US this year.  You all probably remember the tremendous effects of the two hurricanes in 2017.

Want to remind our policy holders that most yacht and charter boat policies cover some portion of the cost to haul out and secure your vessel on the hard.

Now is the time to get your boats secured until the storm passes. As boaters, there is northing we can do to change severe weather.  We can be prepared and execute

a plan for our safety and the safety of your boat and other property.  There is no benefit to chancing it.  When in doubt, haul it out!  Protect your vessel in a safe area, safe from the surge.


If you can trailer your boat:  Be sure to tow the boat with a proper vehicle and haul it to a safer area.  Lash your boat to the trailer and secure your boat with heavy lines to fixed objects.  Trees often fall during storms and probably aren't the option.

Non-Trailerable Boats

1. Determine the safest and most realistic haven for your boat and make arrangements to move it there. Be sure to consider whether storm surge could rise into the area.

2. Never leave a boat in davits or on a hydro-lift during a major storm.

3. Secure the boat in the marina berth, moor the boat in a previously identified safe area, or haul the boat to a secure location and strap it down if possible.

Boats Remaining in Marina Berth

1. Double all lines and use lines that have protective coverings that reduce marring of the boats surface whenever possible. Attach lines high on pilings to allow for tidal rise or surge.

2. Install fenders to protect the boat from rubbing against the pier, pilings and other boats.

3. Fully charge the batteries and check to ensure their capability to run automatic bilge pumps for the duration of the storm. Consider backup batteries. Shut off all devices consuming electricity except bilge pumps, and disconnect shore power cables.


FYI-all loose items should be stored, things like: canvas, bimini tops, cushions are typically excluded from coverage during a named storm

Do not stay aboard your vessel during the hurricane. 

Find safe shelter with your family

Be Safe

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