Get paid to go Fishing

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You are pretty successful at catching fish.  Looking to be your own boss and do what you love.
Your love of the water and spending time with many types of people has you believing you can make a life out of fishing.
Obviously, you understand the currents and how to catch a lot of fish.  How to get your tackle to do exactly what you need in order to catch fish.

1. FIRST YOU NEED TO APPLY FOR A US Coast Guard captain’s license.
This is a legal requirement to operate the boat and charge people for fishing trips.  Once you have your captain’s license you need to apply with your state for a business license.  This allows you to accept and pay sales tax where applicable and registers you with the state as a business, also for setting up your tax ID number.

2. Now you need a boat.  The line from Police Chief Brody in Jaws; “ You’re Gonna need a Bigger Boat”  Lease or own a Charter boat that will accommodate up to 6 passengers plus Captain and possible crew.  Your vessel should be in good condition and appropriate for the type of waters you will be fishing.  Remember you only have paying customers when the boat is operational.  You will also need: Life Jackets, first aid kit, tackle, and other safety gear required by ordinance.

3. More legal things… There are the other fishing licenses required by the fish and game department.  You want to have the proper licenses and ensure anyone fishing from your boat has their appropriate fishing license.

4. Now the part Charter Lakes Marine Insurance can help with, Boat Insurance.  Protect your assets; boat, equipment, gear.  As-well-as your liability.  With many different people all with varying levels of skills and familiarity with boats and fish.  They will be getting on and off the vessel as well as walking around the boat, increases your risk exposure.  Plus the pollution liability.

5. Marketing.  Creating a website and other media sources that create awareness of who you are, what you do and how well you fulfill people’s dreams of catching fish.  Joining a local or national charter association like NACO is another way to increase your brand awareness while often offering many discounts, including discounts on your insurance.  Plus the idea sharing that will help you build an even stronger business.

Hopefully, these tips will help get you started in your dream job.  May your seas be smooth and lines tight.

Insight for this article comes from many sites (NACO, USCG, over 30 years of experience and more)