Do I really need boat insurance

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With the unofficial kick-off to summer arriving this weekend, many are planning long days on the boat.

It’s surprising that in some states as much as 50% of boats for pleasure use are not insured.  (#uninsured #underinsured)

So today, we are going to discuss some points to ponder.
Boat insurance is more than covering your $2,000 - $10Million dollar vessel in case of a total loss.  There are agreed value policies and actual cash value policies.  Ask your agent the difference.

What happens if you injure someone? I’ve seen it twice, another boat doesn’t see the skier in the water. Or, someone isn’t paying attention and cuts off another boater.

Hopefully, your boat never sinks.  But if it should, you need to pay to have the wreck removed.  Or, maybe you end up stranded and need to get a tow.

Often times, if the boat sinks, the engine has a problem or during fueling, gas or oil leak.  There are pollution fines and cleanup that can run from a few hundred to over a million dollars, depending on the state or waterway.

Your boat insurance policy should include liability protection in the event you are responsible for injuries, wreck removal, or pollution.

You might be surprised at how low cost insurance coverage to protect you and your boat/PWC for physical damage as well as covering electronic equipment, fishing equipment, and some personal property you may use with your boat plus the emergency assistance.

With summer arriving soon you should review your current policy or contact us for a quote on your boat policy.

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