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Charter Lakes Marine Insurance  is pleased to announce a NEW Guided Sport Fishing Insurance Program that provides  the broadest insurance protection we have ever offered at the most affordable price.  For the past 32 years Charter Lakes has insured Fishing Guides throughout the United States.  Our New Guided Sport Fishing policy is a culmination of all we have learned over that period of time.  Each Fishing Guide operation is a unique business with unique insurance needs.  Much depends on the location of the guide, the type of guided activities offered and the boat and equipment used.  We designed this insurance program with the flexibility to cover any fishing guide, anywhere in the country.  The Charter Lakes policy covers the guide for professional activities both on and off the boat. The policy also provides a high level of protection for your passengers with increased Medical Payments and Liability limits. We also provide broad insurance coverage for the boat, motor(s), trailer and fishing tackle. Better yet, Charter Lakes is able to provide this high level of protection at the most affordable price in the country.  The following are some of the prominent features of the new Guided Sport Fishing Insurance Policy;

• All Risk Policy that packages the physical damage and liability coverage in one policy
• Agreed Value on total loss and Replacement Cost Coverage on Partial Loss
• Disappearing  Hull Deductible
• $ 2,500 limits of Fishing Tackle Coverage (higher limits available)
• Protection & Indemnity (P&I) is the broadest form of marine liability insurance
• Professional Angler Liability
• Pollution Liability and Dockside Liability
• Defense costs are covered in addition to the P&I limit
• Shoreside/Wade Fishing Liability (offered as optional Coverage)
• Non Owned “Borrowed”  Boat Liability
• $ 25,000 limits of Passenger Medical Payments
• Up to $ 2,000,000 limits of Liability Coverage
• Blanket Additional Insured
• $ 2,500 limits of Towing and Emergency Assistance Coverage
• Financial Security, this policy is underwritten by A+ Rated Domestic Insurance Company

Professional Fishing Guides are serious about catching fish. Their boat is their office and their tackle is their tools, so they don’t skimp on either. Fishing Guides are also licensed to transport the public over water and as such take on legal responsibilities for the well being of their passengers. We designed our “NEW” Guided Sport Fishing Policy so our clients can focus on what they do best, and have peace of mind they are fully protected for whatever takes place.

Charter Lakes Marine Insurance is a Marine Specialty Insurance Agency that focuses 100% of its energy on Recreational and Commercial Marine Insurance. Charter Lakes operates on a national basis and has branch offices in Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Texas and California.  They can be reached at 800-879-2248 or on line at www.charterlakes.com.