Merger partnership between Charter Lakes Marine Insurance and Arthur J Gallagher & Co. (AJG)

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To all of our Customers, Stakeholders and Friends;

It is with great pride and much excitement that we announce the merger partnership between Charter Lakes Marine Insurance and Arthur J Gallagher & Co. (AJG). This partnership has been forged over many years of working together. We finally took the plunge and made it formal this month.

The first thing we want you to know is that nothing will change with our business practices at Charter Lakes. Charter Lakes will continue to specialize exclusively in Commercial and Recreational Marine Insurance. Dan Longman and Mark Van Epps will continue to be in charge of the day to day operations and the agents and support staff you have worked with will remain in place doing the same great job they have done for many years.  Also, nothing will change with your insurance policy or the insurance protection and coverage benefits you currently have with Charter Lakes.
The only changes you will see is a name change to Gallagher Charter Lakes,  a change to the Gallagher logo and changes to our email addresses.  Nothing else will change.

Charter Lakes did this to expand our product offerings and reach new markets with our products. Charter lakes will be the Practice Leader within AJG for the wet marine programs we administer. This union also gives us the financial strength and market clout to enhance our ability to provide our clients with the broadest insurance protection at the most affordable price.  We will also be equipped with more tools to increase the level of customer service in all aspects of our business.

Charter Lakes will continue to offer special group rate insurance programs for Guided Sport fisherman, Fishing Guides, Coast Guard Inspected Passenger Vessels, Commercial Watercraft Owners and Tournament Anglers. On the Recreational side our clients will continue to be advantaged by our expertise in Yacht Insurance and Boat Insurance with the broadest product offerings in the country. 

Another reason we did this is because Arthur J Gallagher shares our culture and values. We are both client–first focused and dedicated to the highest level of customer service. AJG shares our dedication to integrity in everything we do. They also share our commitment to giving back to the communities we work in.  AJG is among the top insurance brokers in the country. Founded in 1927, they are over 12,000 employees in 250 offices throughout the United States. They are a Greenwich Excellence Award Winner and received the 2012 Ethiosphere’s Most Ethical Company award. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Gallagher Charter Lakes at 800-879-2248.