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Claims service should be one of your primary concerns when purchasing any boat or yacht insurance policy. After all, isn’t that the reason you’re buying the policy in the first place? 

Here at Charter Lakes we believe claims service is the value behind any marine insurance agency and the policies they sell.  Not to toot our own ‘ships whistle’, but proof is in the pudding as they say, so we thought we would share a few recent email comments from our clients who had to make a boat insurance claim….

“I can’t thank Charter Lakes enough for everything they have done. The compassion exemplified by them is somewhat prehistoric in these days and time. They could not have been more understanding and without a doubt, had my back the whole way through this claim.”
-William Recca, Kentucky

“Thanks Jim. I have been more than impressed with the customer service I have received from Charter Lakes over the years. It is actually head and shoulders above every other agency I have ever dealt with. In fact, I just referred Charter Lakes to my assistant who is shopping for marine insurance, and have always referred anyone who asks.  It’s nice to feel confident that your insurance company is in your corner when bad things happen.”
-Gale Porter, Florida

When informed that he would receive a claims settlement check sooner and easier than he expected, Paul replied: “WOW!  That's it?  That's incredible. I love you guys!!!!!  Thank You so much.”
-Paul Abolafia, Florida

If you’re not already a Charter Lakes client, isn’t it about time?

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