Catch Shares Clarification

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We would like to make a clarification concerning the cover article written in our Holiday Newsletter as it relates to a reference to Catch Shares regulation. For the past 30 years, the Guided Sport Fishing Industry has been supportive of Charter Lakes Marine Insurance.  We take that support seriously and are committed to supporting our clients and the industry as a whole in their pursuit of their business interests.  Whether the issue is related to the Coast Guard, the DOT or fishery management regulation, our only concern is that the Guided Sport Fishing Industry is treated fairly.  That was the sole motivation behind the newsletter article.

We understand that all Guided Sport Fisherman have unique challenges and that the fishery management program that works well in one part of the country may be a disadvantage to the industry in another part of the country.  We support all of our clients regardless of the regulatory framework they fish under as long as it is a system they feel is fair.

At Charter Lakes, we are blessed with a large clientele and we understand that inevitably there will be different opinions regarding fishery management. It is our hope that regardless of all the ideas and opinions we end up with a better fishery in the end for the Guided Sport Fishing Industry.

In conclusion, Charter Lakes stands in support of fishery management programs that benefit the long term business interests of the Guided Sport Fishing Industry.