Boat Insurance Companies

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All Boat Insurance Companies vary in their commitment to the business. Commitment translates into dedicating the resources necessary to attract expertise, to provide the best overall value to their customers and provide the best customer service.

Boat Insurance is unique from all other types of insurance in that boats operate on water and are exposed to different risks than land based property. Furthermore, liability is often governed by maritime law instead of state law depending on where the boat is navigated.  Hence the need for expertise in the underwriting as well as the claims adjusting functions of boat insurance.

Many insurers offer boat insurance as an accommodation to their personal lines customers. They treat boat insurance like automobile or any other type of personal insurance. They use the same underwriters and claims personnel and do not allocate additional resources to their boat insurance business. They typically offer substandard policy terms and very poor claims service.

At Charter Lakes all we do is Boat Insurance and our commitment to this business is unmatched in the industry. We are 35 associates that focus 100% of our efforts on boat insurance and have done so since 1983. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best overall value on their boat insurance. This includes providing them with the broadest insurance protection at the most affordable price. It also means providing our customers with knowledgeable customer service and the best claims service in the industry.

The bottom line is that boat insurance varies significantly between insurers. Future blog posts will concentrate on these differences, and the important things to look for when choosing a boat insurance company.