USCG Reduces Testing Rate For Charter Companies

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The USCG has reduced the testing rate from 50% to 25% of covered crew members due to the reduction of positive testing results.  The Federal Register notice was published today.  This will reduce the burden to vessels owners as the number of random tests will decrease.  NACO applauds this action by the USCG as it shows the continued effort of the Charter Boat Industry to provide safe vessel operations for the multiple thousands of passengers who use our services.

NACO, through the efforts of our continued partnership with the USCG and the work of Capt. Ed O’Brien, USCG Liaison, Tom Becker, and other Executive Committee members, has continually worked on this issue.  Our communications with members, the marine insurance program, and the Charterboat Consortium has encouraged compliance by all vessel owners and stressed the importance of a drug free work place.  Our efforts have been successful and this reduction of the testing rate will ease the burden of vessel owners.

NACO continues to be the leader in the Charter Boat Industry in providing benefits that reduce the financial and regulatory burdens for our industry.